Boom Host provides advanced DDoS protection and real-time mitigation service to protect our customers websites. This enterprise-level solution is implemented and operates at the core network level to negate any malicious attacks.

Advanced DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service attacks) continue to grow in sophistication and force. A successful attack increases unnecessary costs on your website and applications. It could even make your site unusable for your visitors! Crucially, it could hurt your revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand.

In partnership with our Data Center provider, Boom Host has implemented advanced DDoS protection and real-time mitigation, that we provide free of charge to all of our customers. This enterprise-level solution is implemented and operates at the core network level to negate any malicious attacks.

Benefits for your business:

  • Your website and/or application hosted with us will receive an enterprise-level DDoS protection and real-time mitigation.
  • We reduce your operational costs because you do not have to outsource your protection to a third party – it’s all done under your hosting contract with us.

What is a DDoS attack?

Distributed Denial-of-Service attack (DDoS Attack) is a cyber-attack that floods a website or server with unwanted, fake network traffic so that the server and all websites on it become unusable for a normal site visitor.

How does a DDoS attack harm my website?

A Distributed-Denial-of-Service or DDoS attack targets the availability of one or more online applications such as a Website.

  • The end result of such an attack is to crash the target website/application.
  • When the malicious traffic overwhelms a server that’s hosting your website, legitimate users may experience difficulty reaching your website.
  • The result is disrupted service to your end-customers that hurts your business!

Can my website be the direct target for DDoS attack?

Your website doesn’t have to be the direct target for an attacker before it becomes affected and goes offline. Why? Because, your website hosted on the same server or network as another targeted website could have a severe impact on all websites.

What is the chance of my website getting a DDoS attack?

Malicious attacks are prone to happen sooner or later all over the Internet. In order to really defend your website against a large array of these direct or indirect attacks, you must rely on the hosting provider’s backbone network infrastructure.

At Boom Host we protect our customers websites and other applications from these attacks by redirecting the network traffic in real-time to multiple intelligent DDoS mitigation devices and advanced routing techniques utilized by our upstream data center provider.

How can your DDoS Protection can help protect my website?

In the scenario of a real DDoS attack, all incoming traffic flowing to a protected Boom Host server is thoroughly inspected at our Data Center’s core network level using advanced filters and algorithms to detect any anomalies of it being a DDoS attack. If a potential attack is detected, then the malicious network traffic is immediately discarded by our upstream provider’s mitigation devices and only legitimate traffic continues to reach our servers, thus making your website hosted by us still accessible for others with minimal or no disruption to your business.

How much will it cost me to add DDoS protection for my website?

At Boom Host, we always thrive to offer the best to our customers and do everything we can to maximize the availability of websites and other applications hosted on our DDoS protected servers. For a greater peace of mind to our customers, Boom Host offers DDoS protected servers for no additional cost regardless you choose to buy any of our services including Web Hosting, Reseller, Managed WordPress, VPS and Dedicated servers.