How to Select the Right Hosting Plan for Your Small Business Website
Boom Host can help choose your Small Business website and email hosting solution today!

Choosing a reliable hosting provider and the best hosting package for your small business website and emails can be a daunting task. There are a wide variety of choices available when it comes to hosting, therefore you need to do your due-diligence and find the best match for your small business requirements.

Regardless of the right hosting provider or a platform you select, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

1. Technical Support

You run a small business and your customers rely on your online presence directly or indirectly. If you have a technical question or require assistance with something you may depend on your hosting provider’s support team for a quick answer. Being unable to contact a hosting provider’s support team or waiting for their slow response could be the most frustrating experience. When choosing your provider pay attention to during what time period they offer support and their typical response and resolution time.

Boom Host technical support team have years of experience and expertise in delivering a variety of solutions to both technical and non-technical users. An excellent and efficient customer support and satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team is available and on stand-by 24×7 every single day of the year to help deal with any critical issues that your business website may encounter.

2. Service Uptime

Secondly, when selecting your hosting provider, you need to be confident in their ability to keep your website online. You don’t want your business to potentially lose clients or income because your business website isn’t available. Please don’t be shy to ask your potential hosting provider what their uptime record is or alternatively look for reviews online that may give you an indication of their uptime success rate.

Boom Host has a solid uptime record and guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA. Our servers and core servies are monitored every single minute! We use reliable third-party tools and services that monitor our services from a remote location. Please take some time to Google and read online reviews written by some of our old and existing customers who were kind of enough to share their honest experience of using our hosting services.

3. Physical Location

Physical location of web servers are often overlooked and it is not the first thing a person would think about when it comes to choosing a hosting provider. You need to carefully consider where majority of your target audience will be accessing your website from along with other factors such as how securely your website and email data will be physically stored or located .

At Boom Host, all our customer facing servers are located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario, Canada which makes it a perfect hub for all North American visitors who require a low network latency connection and high-speed website load time. If your targeted visitors are geographically diverse then don’t worry as you an always make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) (such as CloudFlare) to help optimize the load speed of your small business website globally. All our customer data are well protected utilizing both logical and physical security processes that we have in place.

4. Data Security

Both physical and logical security measures of where your data resides and how securely the data are transferred must also be taken into consideration. This is especially true if your small business website and email contains any client sensitive personal or business information, etc.

At Boom Host our customer’s data privacy is extremely important to us. All our servers support common secured communication protocols and we always encourage our customers to make use of those protocols when possible for safer data communication. We carefully chosen to host our server and network infrastructure at a Canadian data center facility that is SOC 2 Type 2, ISO, PCI and HIPAA regulatory compliant, ensuring a safe storage of your data.