Business Continuity
and Disaster Recovery

Customized solutions to minimize the impact of unexpected disasters.

Business Continuity & DR


  • Your data remains on Canadian soil
  • Regulatory compliant Tier 3 data center
  • Robust physical and logical security
  • Worry-free fully managed solutions

Business Continuity

Boom Host offers comprehensive Business Continuity solutions to help protect your business from the costs of any unplanned downtime.  We understand the realities of operating a small to medium sized business where there is very little time to spend on preventive measures.  In order to keep your business operating during a real-life disaster you need to first understand the operational needs of the business, risk tolerances and acceptable recovery times, and identify and prioritize the threats so that you can mitigate them before they happen.

We have the expertise to help you formulate a step-by-step strategy that outlines how to protect the reputation of your company by protecting its IT operations and the valuable data that is crucial to conduct your day-to-day business.  Our solutions can either act as your primary IT or backup infrastructure to minimize the risk of downtime regardless whatever the size of your organization.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) - How long can your business be offline?
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) - How much valuable data can your business afford to loose?
  • Does your organization have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to address the following as a bare minimum?
    • To identify current and future threats to your business IT infrastructure
    • How to keep critical applications up and running by minimizing downtime
    • Ways to improve the recovery time after a disaster strikes
    • Proactively monitor the system and minimize any impact on services

Our solutions can help...

  • Avoid Data Loss by utilizing various hosting services that we offer including offsite data storage and custom application/email hosting solutions
  • High Availability for your mission-critical applications by using physical or virtualized servers on our redundant network infrastructure
  • Lower costs by making effective use of our existing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure when compared to rebuilding or mirroring your servers
  • Customized Solutions We understand that not all businesses are the same. Our experts can tailor-fit a solution that exactly meets your business needs
Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Is your business prepared to resume its normal operations as quickly as possible after a disaster strikes?  Has you company articulated a written plan of the steps it would need to take, including finding alternative premises and infrastructure to continue servicing its stakeholders?

In reality, not all small-to-medium sized businesses have the time, money and the resources to own and manage a secondary IT infrastructure for stand-by and disaster recovery purposes.  Having a clear understanding of what solutions you are getting, and the exact steps to restore your valuable data in an efficient manner, is very important when you are deciding to choose a Disaster Recovery provider.

At Boom Host we create simple and affordable customized Disaster Recovery solutions for organizations of all sizes.  Our Disaster Recovery solutions are highly secure, fully managed, and can be configured to automatically replicate and fail-over your most critical applications and data in real time.

We have all the in-house expertise to carefully analyze your business requirements and to provision, configure, and manage a Disaster Recovery environment that is fully customized for your organization and its needs, even if your business has policies for strict data security and data compliance.


  • Protect your mission critical applications and data
  • Fail-over IT environment that is fully customized to your organization
  • Minimize recovery times during a real disaster
  • Fully managed, turn-key disaster recovery solution on Canadian soil