Pro Email FAQ

Frequently Asked Pre-Sales Questions for Boom Host's Pro Email Solution

Pro Email Pre-Sales Q&A

Is Pro Email hosting solution truly based in Canada?

Yes. All Pro Email mailboxes and the emails received within them will be “stored” on servers physically located in Greater Toronto Area, ON, Canada. This is also true for all the daily backups that we perform.

However, the email in ‘transit’ will pass through Mailchannels cloud based solution for “spam filtering” purpose. Please note that Mailchannels is a third-party cloud based service provider who may have servers located outside of Canada.

What is a primary email domain and why do I need to enter it when placing an order?

At the time of placing an order, we require that you enter an organizations’ primary email domain name. The primary domain name will become the identifier or represent an “organization” when we setup your account on our server. You may add additional domains under your organization at anytime.

One or more mailboxes can be granted “domain administrator” access to a secured web administration panel where those privileged users can manage all domains and mailboxes that belong to an organization.

NOTE: If you ever decide to upgrade from one hosting plan to another then all available features under the new plan and its pricing will be applied to all domains and mailboxes hosted under your organization.

Why am I being asked to submit domain ownership evidence?

We may ask to submit evidence that you own the primary email domain for the organization or at least the fact that you have appropriate authority granted to make use of the organization’s domain. This process is in place to better protect  your organization’s email domain and its associated service with us, in addition to preventing any abuse on our email servers.

The evidence that we collect may include one or more of the following items below:

  • screenshots of your domain’s control panel at your registrar’s end and/or DNS provider.
  • past or most current invoices from your domain registrar and/or DNS provider.
  • temporarily revealing the domain’s WHOIS information (if it is already hidden) or changing the WHOIS information to reflect the information you registered with us.
  • any other relevant details or evidence that we may require from you to justify the primary domain’s ownership,

Why is there a minimum number of mailboxes requirement when I place an order?

The minimum number of mailboxes per customer is imposed due to administrative work involved in setting up and on-going maintenance of each email organization.

Do you allow marketing emails and other bulk emailing or spamming?

No. We have zero tolerance towards any kind of spamming and/or bulk emailing activities on our servers. If found, we will immediately suspend the offending mailbox and/or an entire organization account. Please refer to our Terms of Services.

Will my pro email service be instantly activated after I place the order?

After an order has been accepted by our billing team, it can take anywhere between 24-72 hours for our support team to provision your email service. This delay is due to some manual work required on our end in setting up each customer (organization) account for Pro Email service.

Can you help migrate my emails from an existing mailbox or hosting provider?

We can guide you in the right direction to make use of some of the tools or third-party software available to help with the email migration.

Upon special requests, our support team can also help with the email migration as a “best effort” service. We cannot 100% guarantee of the migration work completed as there are too many factors to consider at the time of each migration conducted. There will be an one-time migrate fee that will be billed to you in order for us to help with the migration task. Please contact our Sales to get a quote.

What email server software or product used fro Pro Email?

Our Pro Email solution make use of a server-side software called MailEnable. At times, our support agents may refer you to Knowledgebase Articles those are readily available on our vendor’s (MailEnable) website to answer some of the common setup/configuration questions and to answer any product specific questions.

Pro Email "DNS (Name Servers)" Changes

What DNS changes am I require to make?

The answer can vary depending on each configuration. Bare minimum you will be required to make MX, SPF and DKIM record changes to be able to send/receive emails successfully using using our Pro Email server.

Our “Pro Email – Service Login Details” email that we will be sending to you, shall contain some information in regards to the DNS changes that you will have to make.

Can you help make my domain's necessary DNS changes?

Definitely we can help with any necessary DNS changes to switch over your domain’s email to our Pro Email service. However, you will be prompted by our techs to share a valid login credentials for your domain’s current DNS provider. Once the required access is granted to us , we will log-in (on your behalf) to your DNS control panel and will make any necessary changes.

Are DNS changes instantaneous and will my new email work right away ?

Though sometimes the DNS changes are reflected within minutes there is no guarantee that the new changes have been propagated all over the Internet immediately. It is recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate.

Pro Email "Anti-Spam"

What is INBOUND and OUTBOUND email filtering mean?

An INBOUND email filtering will scan and spam filter all incoming emails addressed TO your mailbox.

An OUTBOUND email filtering will scan and spam filter all outgoing email address originating FROM your domain or mailboxes. The outbound spam filtering is in place to prevent abuse on our servers where a mailbox hosted on our server can intentionally (or unintentionally) sends out spam emails, thus affecting the reputation of our emails servers or IP addresses and domain names associated with it.

What anti-spam solution do you offer for Pro Email?

For inbound spam filtering, we offer two different solutions namely MagicSpam and Mailchannels. Our Pro Email customers have the choice to pick and choose either one of available anti-spam solutions for each of their email domain.

For outbound filtering spam filtering, by default we use Mailchannels cloud-based email filtering for all domains hosted under an organization or a post-office.

Inbound Spam Filtering - Difference between MagicSpam and Mailchannels

MagicSpam and Mailchannels are two different anti-spam solutions that we offer for inbound spam filtering.

MagicSpam – By default, all domains under our Pro Email hosting service will be protected by MagicSpam anti-spam solution.Though it is a great product and filters potential spam emails by directing them to your “spam/junk folder”, it does not allow server side “per mailbox” whitelist and blacklist features (though this is something an user can still do it at an email client software level such as Outlook)

Mailchannels – A cloud-based spam filtering solution with more sophisticated rule-sets for detecting spam. An intuitive email security dashboard (powered by Mailchannels) gives full control for each mailbox owner for configuring their own whitelist, blacklist and spam handling settings. The spam handling settings can be configured to “Block Spam”, “Quarantine Spam” and “Flag Spam”. A daily “Quarantine Digest” report is send to each mailbox to list any potentially flagged and quarantined emails that can be easily “released”, if determined to be a false-positive.

In a nutshell, if your domain or each mailbox requires its own custom mail filtering settings then you must choose to go with Mailchannels anti-spam solution. We will NOT be able to make any server wide configuration on MagicSpam that could also potentially affect all other customers hosted on the same server.

Do I need to pay for MagicSpam and Mailchannels inbound spam filtering?

MagicSpam is included FREE of charge for ALL the domains that you want to host under our Pro Email service.  By default, each of domain will be protected using MagicSpam unless you explicitly ask us to deploy Mailchannels solution to help protect your domain.

Mailchannels anti-spam solution is included FREE of charge for up-to two domains of your choice. Additional domain protection using Mailchannels can be purchased from us for a low monthly fee. Please contact our sales department for pricing information.

What is the default anti-spam solution provided for each domain added?

MagicSpam will be the default anti-spam solution used for all domains added to our Pro Email servers.

If you require to use Mailchannels for inbound anti-spam then you need to explicitly open a support ticket with us and request to provision Mailchannels for any domains that you choose to protect. The provisioning of Mailchannels inbound solution is not an immediate change request that we can accommodate. It can take up to 48 hours after we receive/accept your request and any necessary DNS changes that needs to be made.

Can I use both MagicSpam and Mailchannels for inbound spam filtering?

Both MagicSpam and Mailchannels anti-spam cannot be used simultaneously. Each domain can only be protected by either MagicSpam or Mailchannels at a time.

However, if your organization have multiple domains then you can pick and choose which each one of those domains should be protected by MagicSpam vs Mailchannels.

Outbound Spam Filtering - Why do you use Mailchannels cloud?

In order to ensure reliable email delivery for our customers and to protect our IP space, we utilize Mailchannels cloud based anti-spam solution to filter and route all outbound emails originating from our Pro Email servers.

What about my data privacy when using Mailchannels?

Both Mailchannels inbound and outbound filtering is a “cloud” based solution offered by a third-party vendor called Mailchannels.

If you choose to use Mailchannels inbound spam filtering for any of your domains then all incoming emails (the emails that you receive) for any specific domain will pass through Mailchannels’ network/server for “scanning” or “filtering” before those same emails reach our email server.

By default, all outbound emails originating from our Pro Email servers will get routed through Mailchannels network/server for “scanning” and “filtering” purpose.

Therefore, in addition to our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy, your sending and receiving emails (data privacy) are also subject to Mailchannel’s Terms of Services and Privacy Policy as they explain in the below links:

I want to avoid using Mailchannels altogether, is it possible?

With our Pro Email service it is not possible to avoid using Mailchannels altogether at this time unless you decide to go “dedicated email server” model. If that’s the case, please contact our sales department.

At least for Inbound email filtering you have some level of control where you can choose not to use Mailchannels as described in some of the Q&A above. For all outbound emails, every single email originating from our Pro Email servers will get routed through Mailchannels server/network.

Pro Email "secured" email connection

Does your server allow secured (SSL) connection for POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols?

Yes. Our Pro Email service does allow a mailbox owner (user) to make use of “secured” (SSL based) for POP (995), IMAP (993) and SMTP (587) for an end-to-end secured connections between our Pro Email server and the user’s email client software.

The “Pro Email – Service Login Details” email that we will be sending to you will contain all necessary access and configuration details that you would require to get started.

To make use of your own domain name (such as for a secured connection we have to install the matching SSL certs on our server. Also, please note that in order to make use of the “autodiscover” (SRV records) settings for any domain, it is mandatory that a domain specific SSL certificates are purchased.

Is there a secured HTTPS webmail access available?

Yes. You will be able to access the secured webmail portal using the server’s host name. If you are required to access the webmail URL using your own domain name (such as then it is mandatory that you purchase a domain specific SSL certificates from us.

Can I use my own domain name for a secured (SSL) connection and HTTPS webmail?

Yes. However, we require that you purchase a commercial Certificate Authority (CA) issued SSL certificate with a minimum of 1 year valid period. No trial certs are accepted.

You would require to place an order for minimum of two SSL certs (for each of your domain that you want to SSL protect) namely and  (please replace “” with the actual domain of your’s)

To ease the administration work on our end, the SSL certificates must be purchased from us.The certs are available as “add-on” purchase within our Client Zone. The SSL certs are billed upfront for the entire year and renewed once a year. Once we process the SSL certs order the fee is not refundable.

Is it a must that I purchase SSL certs to secure my email connection?

Nope. It is not mandatory that you purchase SSL certs to make use of a “secured” email communication channel using our Pro Email service. When configuring your email client software you can make use of our default server host name that already has SSL installed along with appropriate secured port numbers. All this information will be made available in the welcome email that you receive from us at the time we accept your order.

It is only must to purchase SSL certificate when you decide to use your own domain name (such as using secured protocols.

Pro Email Resellers Q&A

Is your Pro Email solution whitelabelled?

Just like many other products that we offer, our Pro Email solution is also whitelabelled (it has no Boom Host branding displayed anywhere including the server host name which is also a whitelabelled domain name).

Can I resell your Pro Email solution?

Yes. Please note that our Pro Email solution is not designed with Resellers in mind, so we won’t offer any branding customization which may be a requirement for some resellers nor there are any automated plug-ins available for tracking and billing of your customers.

What pricing can I set and who provides support to my resold clients?

You may decide on the pricing at your discretion. Please remember that you will be our end-customer who will be able to directly provide support when required. We do not provide support to any of your resold customers or email users as you will be their primary point of contact for everything including any support required.

What do you recommend for an organization setup when I deal with multiple customers?

It is highly recommended that you put each customer of your’s under their own organization setup when provisioning it under our email server. In other words, for each customer (or business) that you plan to resell it to please place a separate new order with us for the desired Pro Email hosting plan.